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Here comes RAPIDA MEC !

13 Dez Here comes RAPIDA MEC !

Everyone knows: there is always room to improve ….and to innovate!

So, thinking to the needs of small food production laboratories, we have developped a new version of the model Rapida: RAPIDA MEC!

Whilst preserving all the features and the performances of the basic machine, this version, completed with an inside electrical motor, DOES NOT NEED COMPRESSED AIR: all it needs is a standard 230 V. socket.

Besides the space saving and the noise reduction (the air compressor is not needed), the electro mechanical version offers various advantages such as: a faster installation, maintenance costs saving – inevitable for the pneumatic version – and constant performances over time.

Look here at the video of the machine functioning:

For any other info: contact us at the nr. +39/0299044396

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