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Why vacuum packed?


How many times it happened that you opened the fridge sensing an unpleasant smell and looked for its source? You may have found a rotten vegetable or some mouldy cheese or rancid ham. This is unavoidable, considering the increasingly reduced time we can dedicate to cooking. The freezer can help, but it is not possible to freeze all kinds of food. For instance, freezing is suitable for meat and bread, but vegetables and sausages loose consistency, flavour and nutrition properties. The solution is vacuum packaging, a technique enabling to get rid of impurities, moisture and oxygen inside a container (bag or bowl), leading to longer food preservation.

Vacuum packaging is an exceptional step forward in food packaging. Let’s try to understand how it works and the countless benefits it offers.


Vacuum machines create around the food a tight room, isolated from the external environment. By means of a pump, the air present in the room, as well as in the product packaging, is removed. This enables to remove from the packaging gases and impure particles which are present in the air, moisture and oxygen, a vital gas for man as well as for microrganisms such as bacteria and moulds. Their proliferation is blocked and their metabolisms, i.e. fermentation, are inhibited. To ensure the effectiveness of such method and maintain vacuum over time, the packaging – either bag or tray – must be properly sealed.


In addition to dust and uncountable impure gases present in the air, oxygen enables proliferation of moulds and bacteria responsible of food degradation (fat going rancid, browning of fruits, deterioration due to frost, and obviously loss of flavour). Vacuum packaging, by means of air removal, enables to minimize or delay spoiling, leading to longer food preservation and higher hygiene standards thanks to the reduction of the activity of the bacteria present in food.


Why renouncing eating fresh and tasty products? Vacuum packaging enables off-season consume of in-season food. Everybody can benefit from this kind of packaging, being able to preserve in-season fruits and vegetables. Why cooking twice every day? It is no longer necessary to consume within the same day. Leftover food can be consumed days later, with no loss of flavour or nutritional properties and with no risk of food intoxication due to bad preservation. Inside the fridge vacuum packaged food can be preserved up to 3-4 times longer.

Summary: Why vacuum packaging? Food freshness and flavour, hygiene, convenience, saving in terms of time, money and labour.