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Sealing Machines

Our sealing machines can seal any type of plastic or other materials. We can seal small jars through injection or thermoforming in PP polypropylene, PET polyethylene, APET, CPET, barrier trays in EVOH, PS polystyrene, aluminium and cardboard.

Our clients are producers of: pasta, fresh pasta, egg pasta, ravioli, yoghurt, ricotta, mozzarella, cheese slices, ready-made meals, catering, spreadable cheese, honey, meat, cold cuts, cheese, polenta, sandwiches, marinades, conserves and hors-d’oeuvre, VI range, fruit and vegetables for large scale distribution.

We have a warehouse full of packaging machines and sealing machines both with vacuum and protective atmosphere and for simple sealing that meet our client’s urgent needs and a series of sealing film reels in various sizes for all your needs.