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Automatic thermosealer with vacuum and gas
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20 November

For trays vacuum & MAP, Sealing Machines
  • Automatic vacuum/MAP sealing machine with double chamber for preformed trays in PP, PE, PS, PET, AL etc.;
  • Possibility to use the two chambers with different tools;
  • Teflon coated sealing plate;
  • Profile cutting to the tray size with possibility to create an easy peel angle to facilitate the tray opening;
  • Digital temperature controller with PT 100 probe;
  • Moduls made on tray samples for any shape;
  • Extra vacuum and extra gas functions;
  • Touch screen with 10 storable programs;
  • Structure in stainless steel and aluminium;
  • Fast tool change;
  • Pressure sensor for vacuum and gas;


  • Version “only sealing”;
  • Version “Skin Packaging”;
  • Special vacuum pump for gas mixtures with high oxygen%;
  • Photocell for printed film;
  • Tray denester;
  • Filling systems

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Power 400V -50/60Hz 3P + N + PE
Power Consumption 5,5 KW + 3,5 kw
Air Supply 40 Nl/cycle
Air Pressure 6 bar
Weight 600 kg
Max. Container Dimension mm 430 x 290 x h. 100 (2x)
Machine dimensions Cm. 331 x 92x h. 130
Vacuum pump 205 M3
Max. Film width 500 mm.
Productivity vac-gas/only sealing 8 / 20 cycles/min

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