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Fill Seal Machines

Our rotary fill and seal machines for stackable jars range from semi-automatic and more cost-effective solutions for small production to classic rotary machines for use in medium-large companies.

The production of Rotopack packaging machines is aimed at  all foodstuff manufacturing businesses from the small shop to large scale distribution, therefore we are suppliers of gastronomy companiespasta producersravioli producerscheese producersbutchersdeliscatering companiescanning companies, and also directly or indirectly, nursing homes, hospitals, factories and all manufacturers who are part of large scale distribution, fruit and vegetables, IV range products and Ho.Re.Ca.

Our packaging machines permit broad customisation based on client requirements: sealing using film on reels, packaging in particular formats and containers in particular materials (aluminium, glass, poly-coated paper etc.) are just some examples of requests met by RotoPack.