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Automatic fill-seal machine - 6 Stations
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20 November

Fill&Seal machines, Liquid and semi-thick products
  • Designed to be simple and user friendly;
  • Thanks to its reduced dimension it is particularly indicated for small laboratories;
  • Suitable to pack liquids, semi thick, thick and viscous products;
  • Used in dairy, food, pharmaceutical industries etc.;
  • Completely made in stainless steel and anodized aluminium;
  • Pneumatic working concept;
  • Fast tool change;
  • In conformity with alimentary rules and CE directives

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Power 400 V - 50/60 Hz - 3P + N + PE
Motor 0,18 Kw
Power Consumption 1,5 Kw
Air Supply 380 l/min
Air Pressure 6 bar
Weight 250 kg
Output Max 1500 pcs/h
Max. Container Dimension Diam. 95 mm
Filling Volume 500 cc

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